Precast Innovations

The goal is to be the best at what we do.

We will provide service and quality beyond the expectation of the customer, by staying a step ahead of his or her needs, by communicating efficiently, and by performing each project as if our livelihood depends on it…. Because it does. It is very important to honor our word and treat everyone with fairness, including customers, vendors, fellow employees and competitors.

We feel that true success in business comes from caring about our work, enjoying the people around us, having some fun every day, and earning enough to live, give and save.

Architects & Contractors

Whether a home or building aims for a “timeless” quality or not, Precast Innovations wants to be actively involved with the design process. Upfront planning and budgeting for the building “skin” and waterproofing components is critical to a successful project, both in terms of aesthetics and cost control. By exploring different options for materials, waterproofing, and attachment methods, an owner can save thousands of dollars on even relatively small projects

The lifeblood of our company is in close relationships with the general contractor.
The good ones know how to build a project and how to take care of business. We actively seek out this type of contractor.

  • In house CAD professionals. Our objective with shop drawings is to provide an accurate “roadmap” of the project by paying attention to detail and being complete.

  • In house Manufacturing. We manufacture 100% of our own product in our Orange, CA plant using the finest materials by hand packing custom or standard molds that been produced with the sharpest detail and architecturally correct dimensions.

  • Installation: Precast Innovations is a California Licensed Contractor with a C29 Contractors License. Our skilled precast installers are trained professionals with many years of experience.

  • Mold department: Our skilled in house mold department is able to create any custom mold as difficult as they may be for any architectural element you may need.
Precast Innovations, Inc.
Precast Innovations, Inc.